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Andre Lodemann

Still Searching (ft. Nathalie Claude)



A1. Still Searching

A2. Still Searching (New Jackson Remix) 

B1. Miss You

B2. Still Searching (Shiffer Remix) 

Dig. Still Searching (Blak River Remix)



Creating this release has been a process especially over the last two years. ‘(Still) Searching’ has been released first as the debut of Andre’s Best Works Records in 2009. 11 years later the new and improved version that we are playing since a while still gives us the same feeling it triggered back then. We started a lot of club sets with ‘Still Searching’ as it has this long, steady and discreet build up. As soon as Nathalie Claude’s voice jumps in, the room always fills up with excitement. This never stops as the track just keeps on creating more energy as it goes on and the great mixing and perfectly sounding percussions made us fall in love with the track even more, version after version. 


As good things come to those who wait, here we are. With two originals from Andre and three beautiful crafted remixes from New Jackson, our home grown artist Shiffer and label debutant Blak River, we are happy to share the 19th release of our beloved Siamese imprint. 


New Jackson's celestial interpretation took some extra work to find the right version but it’s safe to say it eventually paid off. I remember sitting down with him in Ibiza. We never met before but had a genuine conversation and we couldn’t give him enough credit for his re-release of ‘The Night Mail’ on Maeve that has been featured on our Cercle Stream in the French Alps. David was instantly hooked by the idea of remixing ‘Still searching’. He kept me updated week by week about the process and we already could sense there is 

something unique cooking up. We were stoked while hearing the first version, it’s a beautiful piece of music we fortunately were able to play a few times before the whole dance music  world came to an abrupt stop. We hope that this record will be enjoyed everywhere and makes you dance, float, fly or just revel in. 


‘Miss you’, the second original from Andre reached us right before all the night clubs in the world got shut down. If I remember correctly we could test it at one gig in Switzerland and it definitely felt good to play it out on a loud system and in front of an excited crowd. I’m sure that Andre, all the people involved in this record, and of course we as well miss all of you. 


Next up is no stranger to Siamese and its universe. Shiffer is part the label since almost the very first minute and also plays a big part in the creative process of each release. Patrik already showed his diversity through selective releases over the years and so does it again with this remix. Shiffer’s approach goes into a darker direction. The bells and the manipulated vocal might give you the shivers as it does to us. Very detailed work that we love about him and his dedication to evolve. At this point we can already tease an upcoming original record from this talented producer. 


Last but definitely not least we would like to introduce Blak River, a project hailing from Austria and resulting from a very long friendship and passion for the same art form. With an array of accomplishments of shaping the electronic music scene in western Austria, by graduating the SAE institute or just being amazing selectors, Blak River substantiate their appearance. Patrick & Adnan’s remix is more on the instrumental side of ‘Still Searching’, it combines both of their musical backgrounds, a contemporary approach and their very own distinctive sound. We are happy to introduce this project to a bigger audience. 

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