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Black Ballad EP



A1. Black Ballad

A2. Her, Endlessly 

B1. Memento

B2. A Deeper Understanding

B3. Moorgarten



With SIAMESE020 we have come full circle. Shiffer, our good friend, Siamese family member and co-graphic designer with Adrian Schweizer since almost day one, has created his most personal release to date. This EP has been recorded during a challenging time in his life and reflects the journey through profound variations of human emotions. Remembering his very first production 'Drunk on Hope' on our initial Anthology release, we’re proud to see how Patrik's music evolved into such a genre-spanning array.  


The title track 'Black Ballad' illustrates the proverbial tunnel but also the light at the end of it. For us this opener hits the spot right where tears of sadness and joy meet. It's filled with Shiffer's uncompromising grooves and basslines, gently touched by a sublime melody.  


'Her, Endlessly' and 'A Deeper Understanding' are two beautifully crafted tracks we love to play during longer sets. They perfectly lead the crowd into a state of mutual trust and sincerity. 'Her, Endlessly' is more on the house and instrumental side of the spectrum, while 'A Deeper Understanding' is a bit darker, moodier and more trippy.  


'Memento' is almost industrial sounding, heavy and yet hopeful, possibly even resembling early Burial releases, so creative and powerful. I remember Adrian Schweizer telling me to drop everything and that I should listen to this immediately. Five minutes later this track has been signed.  


When it comes to music I personally enjoy the most, 'Moorgarten' is right up there, an unexpected composition with a familiar vibe. This track actually motivated me to do a whole playlist of this kind of music - trip-hop at its finest. You could even argue this pays tribute to some of the great hip-hop instrumentals from the 90s. Listen to some of these and you know where I am coming from.   


All in all a diverse, unique and very promising record that opens up a new chapter in Shiffer's musical path and lead him anywhere he wants to be.  


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