Maybe you’ve only heard about it, maybe you experienced yourself. The rare feeling of a immediate mutual connection that bonds two people stronger than many years of friendship can.


8 years ago in the very dark and dusty DJ booth at a Techno Club from the 90’s in southern Germany, their friendship started. Without being able to see or hear each other they both introduced themselves with the same name – Adrian.


Since then they’re sharing almost everything from their apartment to their love for art. While the bond is getting stronger and stronger, projects and plans bigger and bigger, the common vision stays as clear as ever. It’s the dream of making their passion visible to others and please not only the sense of hearing with their work.


SIAMESE is the result of years and experiences melting together. Heading, breathing and working in the same direction their vision started to shape.


Although it is first and foremost a Music Label, SIAMESE will not limit itself to the art of music but open up to a broad variety of art’s, making it a home for creatives that challenge their field of interest. Our events should exceed the boundaries of a classical label night and be a stage for creative encounters.