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Various Artists

Siamese Anthology III



01. Yotto – Observer 

02. Evans – Endless 

03. Marino Canal – Radiance 

04. Remcord – FMCD 

05. Alfredo Mazzilli – Eternal Memories 

06. ENØS – Morpheus 

07. Losless – Dark Light 

08. In Anima – My Moon 



The last release of an unprecedented year for all of us combines an array of tracks we were playing mostly before the pandemic started. As many of you know, Siamese has a diverse catalogue of music that is constantly redrawing boundaries. This release consists of tracks that get played in the more melodic part of our sets. In times like these PR texts don't seem very important to us so we just wanna leave you with one sentence for each track and let the music speak for itself.

Yotto – Observer
This might be the track of the pack which is in our library the longest. Yotto is known for his work all around the world, although we are sure 'Observer' will still gain him even more listeners. Some wonderful memories were made to this song.

Evans – Endless
We were always in contact with Evans and were sure a future release will be happening on Siamese eventually. Now almost over a year later we were finally putting this into effect. 'Endless' combines a lot of things we love, a great build up, steady groove, a melodic touch and a lot of energy.

Marino Canal – Radiance
This man needs no introduction to the Siamese universe. 'Radiance', probably a little more laid back than his previous productions, is a perfect fit for this compilation. Hypnotic & ethereal, that's how to describe Marino Canal's music.

Remcord – FMCD
After receiving this track, considering it a promo and playing it on the Nordstern rooftop whilst the sun was going down, we had to get back to Remcord to ask if this was indeed a promo or a demo. Gladly it's been a demo.

Alfredo Mazzilli – Eternal Memories
We are big fans of Alfredo for quite some time now and happy we're finally able to feature him on Siamese. When preparing for Tomorrowland's Around The World, we needed to showcase our diversity in a 60min set. What we were missing was a faster techno-ish sounding track with this big stage energy. Et voilà, 'Eternal Memories' filled this gap perfectly.

ENØS – Morpheus
Two young swiss producers who are on our radar since they approached us with their music some time ago. Morpheus is straight and dubby with no compromises. A mainstay in our sets since a very long time.

Losless – Dark Light
Also a on our hard-drive for a long time, 'Dark Light' created some wonderful moments on dancefloors around the world. We are very happy for the young producer that his track finally comes into light.

In Anima – My Moon
'My Moon' closes this compilation perfectly. With the long build up, the catchy melody puts you in a state of trance. Moody, melodic but still techno.

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