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Matthew Dekay

Heimreise EP



A1. Heimreise

A2. Heimreise (Adriatique Remix)

B1. Random Dub Fix



This record took a while to be finished but we're glad to finally release this beautiful EP from Matthew. The title track ‚Heimreise‘ has already been around a few years ago but never got to be released officially due to the vocal sample. After speaking to Matthew he sent us the track and we used it in our Cercle set last year which gave the track a second life and lots of people were asking for an official release. After lengthy negotiations the sample could be cleared and licensed and we finally finished the EP. 


We worked on a remix for ‚Heimreise‘ what turned out to be quite a challenge but after all we could wrap it up right before deadline and the whole record was ultimately done and set to release. These two originals need no big introduction or explanation. ‚Heimreise' and 'Random Dub Fix' are wonderful displays of Matthews Dekay’s ability to create such hypnotic grooves that almost put you in a state of meditation. We still have so much fun playing these out that we really think this is a timeless piece of music. Thank you all for the patience, we’re happy that ‚Heimreise' found its forever home with Siamese.

Release Date


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