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Adriatique & Marino Canal

Home (ft. Delhia De France)



01. Home feat. Delhia De France



Although it’s not possible to be with all of you at the moment, we’re still able to communicate through our music. We are delighted to share our new Song ‘Home’ with you, a collective effort from Delhia de France, Marino Canal and us. As Marino had multiple appearances on Siamese Records like ‘A Fire in the Sun’ or ‘Dreamt of Tomorrow’ and we’ve already worked successfully with Delhia de France in the past on ‘Tachykardia’ from our debut album ‘Nude’ as well as our much-loved remix for her track ‘Tremors:Nemesis’, it seemed inevitable to work on a track all together.


Delhia had originally written ‘Home’ as a song creating an ambiance that beautifully resembles the feeling of stillness. "It's about someone scared of true intimacy running away from themself, but being seen by the other person who is offering a safe space, a home in the moment. With what we are is experiencing right now, many people are faced with a sudden stillness and it’s hard for a lot of us to deal with it. Being forced to really be with oneself, in solitude" Delhia says. The world hit pause and we had to re-evaluate our patterns of behavior, re-think life, re-appreciate the things that, too often, go unnoticed and most of all face our own fears. It could teach us that the true home lies in the moment. It's the safest place to be, where no fear exists, as there is no need for the past nor the future.

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