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Marino Canal

Provenance EP



A1. Curious Eyes

B1. Provenance

B2. Dreamt of Tomorrow



We are both very happy to welcome back Marino Canal on Siamese. Everyone remembers his first record for us well, a timeless yet forward thinking and fresh release that's tough to beat. Marino made it possible though, his upcoming `Provenance` EP is a clear evolution of his style, mature, intelligent and ready for 2020.


'Curious Eyes' is the track we received first. We’re playing it since quite a while and it easily stood the test of time. Marino’s gift of creating energetic and powerful yet lush tracks is very unique and this song surely tells a story. Truly a great piece of modern dance music.


Next is ‚Provenance‘, the title track of the EP. Similar to 'Curious Eyes‘ it starts gentle while giving the selector some time and space for mixing and creating something artful while playing this out. As the deep and mellow chords soak you into the track the remaining layers are steering towards the climax where ‚Provenance' reveals its full potential. And before its even finished you want to hear it all over again.


'Dreamt of Tomorrow‘, the final cut of the release makes it even harder to pick a favorite and we're considering if we should have kept at least one track for the next EP. Kidding aside, there’s nothing stopping Marino’s ever evolving expertise and this track resembles how a dream of tomorrow could feel like. Beauty, hope and kindness on one hand, madness, destruction and anger on the other. A perfect way to close a great record and there could be no better entry into 2020 for Siamese.

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