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Edu Imbernon

Luma EP



A1. Luma feat. Nico Casal

B1. Caliope



Considering these special times we are currently living in, we decided not to pause releasing during the summer months like we normally do. After our own single ‚Home‘, a collaborative effort between Delhia de France, Marino Canal and us, Edu Imbernon is stepping up to deliver the progressive driven, melodic 2-track ‚Luma EP‘. For the title track Edu joined forces with Nico Casal, a highly respected pianist and film composer from Spain, who among other works delivered the score for the Oscar winning short film ‚Stutterer‘ in 2016.


‚Luma' is a powerful yet beautiful song that is taking its time before coming down to a long, emotional and melancholic break. This is where Nico & Edu’s composing and musical skills really show. We had almost ethereal moments while playing ‚Luma' in a perfect setting. ‚Caliope' has a bit of the same structure. Long intro while introducing every element with patience and precision. Both tracks display Edu Imbernon’s current interpretation of contemporary electronic dance music for bigger audiences. The rumor says this wasn’t the last collaboration of these two very talented Spanish musicians.

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