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Soul Masks EP



A1. Ourselves Behind Ourselves

A2. The Drifter Remix

B1. Soul Masks

B2. Waiting Hidden Spheres



After the summer break we are proud to reveal the next record on Siamese. Shiffer, whosurfaced on the first Siamese Anthology in 2017, is returningwith a full EP, „Soul Masks“. Right after we received the first demos of this talented, in Basel, Switzerlandborn musician, we knew we have a story to tell. Far away from trends and expectations, Shiffer is creating unique dance music with a certain depth and warmth. Ever evolving this is the right moment to release this beautiful record, also featuringa great remix from The Drifter that was successfully tested on various grounds on the road. We know Mark for quite some time now and we remember talking to him about a possible appearance on the label right after we started. We are very happy to finally have him on board as we are supporters of his music and persona since a while. 


On the A-Sidewe have both the original and remix of „Ourself Behind Ourselves“. While Shiffer’s original relies on its groove and trippy sounds topped with a beautiful flute like melody, The Drifter takes things upa notch goes for a straighter more clubby approach.On the flip „Soul Masks“, the title track of the EP, is one of Shiffer’s more energetic peak time club tracks, while not losing his dedication to details and groove. Followed by „Waiting Hidden Spheres“, which was among the first demos we received from Shiffer. Right then we knew we want to work with him on a release and we already had a few wonderful closing moments with it.

Release Date


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