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A1. Craft

B1. X

B2. Love Modules



The number 10 has a special meaning in our culture. We celebrate jubilees not on the 3rd or 8th recurrence, but on the 10th. Having stood by something for a decade very much proves that you are convinced that it is the right choice. 

The project Adriatique is approaching its 10thanniversary, but to just call it a project would be a fierce understatement. Adriatique is friendship; creativity; compromise; being together for days on end; experiencing things together for the first time; birth; rebirth; joy and pain; but above all, Adriatique is music. 


So, in order to commemorate these past 10 years, Adriatique bring you “X”.


The three-track EP opens up with “Craft”, the energetic A-side of the record. It has been a highlight in their sets for almost a year now, and one immediately hears why: The intense percussions intertwine with the dramatic melodic elements to create a highly emotive Techno piece. Trademark Adriatique. 


Title track “X” transports you back into the setting of Adriatique’s debut album “Nude”. The nuanced and artistic nature of “X” reveals the vulnerable side of the duo.


Closing off the EP is “Love Modules”, an uplifting Art-House track -An upgrade to their sound spectrum, so to speak. In a way, new terrain. But this is what Adriatique have always been about: not being afraid of taking new roads, constantly reinventing themselves, Finding out what feels right and then doing it.


Not only does this record celebrate 10 years of Adriatique; It is simultaneously catalogue number 10 on their very own “Siamese” imprint, coincidentally occurring a decade after their consortium. Fate is a peculiar fellow, but he is smiling.

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