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Various Artists

Siamese Reworked I



A1. Patterns Of Eternity (Sebastian Mullaert Remix)

A2. Lace Star (Siamese Soundsystem Remix)

B1. Amore & Psiche II (Eduardo De La Calle Remix)

B2. Patterns Of Eternity (Sebastian Mullaert Remix 2)



After a couple of carefully defined EP’s and our „Siamese Anthology“ series we are proud to reveal another project we were working on lately. „Siamese Reworked“ will feature pervious tracks we released on Siamese in new interpretations reworked by artists close to us. And not only the music but also the original artworks will get a facelift here!


It has been clear to us right from the start that we wanted to get Sebastian Mullaert on board for this project. He was not only our premiere guest at the first ever Siamese showcase, his music is also a regular part in our sets. A great artist and a great person which embodies both in his music and lifestyle. Like often Sebastian delivers more than „just“ one amazing version. Thats why you will get two interpretations of the very first track released on Siamese, our very own „Patterns Of Eternity“. Sebastian sent us the main remix a day before we went to play The Block in Tel Aviv and then Time Warp in Mannheim - there is no better way to test out such a beauty. But listen for yourself and form your own opinion about it. 


Following up we are happy to introduce a brand new collective: Siamese Soundsystem is the result of musicians & friends jamming around to make uncompromising and borders bending music without any name dropping or expectations. Something we feel is missing out there sometimes. The first Siamese Soundsystem task was to remix the Stereocalypse debut track on Siamese (and ever). „Lace Star“ got a more techno-ish treatment which is definitely made straight for the dancefloor.


Last but not least another master of his craft: Eduardo De La Calle. There are rarely producers with such a distinctive handwriting like Edu. Similar to Sebastian also Eduardo’s music is very prominent with us and that’s why we wanted to win him for this record too. He took on Luca Ballerini’s „Amore & Psyche - Parte II“ and managed to get a totally different vibe out of the original. Straight, stripped down, deep but powerful.

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