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Ed Davenport

Festnetz EP


A1. Festnetz

B1. For You

B2. Severance

C1. Festnetz (Tool)
C2. Rain
D1. Inner Senser
D2. Scent (Digital Only)



We are playing Ed’s music for quite a long time now. 'Silver Walks' on Maeve might have been our favorite record of 2016. We never met in person though, until we played together at the Block in Tel Aviv this spring. We had a brief but nice conversation and stayed in contact after that. So the idea came up to do something together. The result is this wonderful mini album… four club tracks and three interludes, each creating different moments and vibes for the dancefloor. 

'Festnetz' is Ed’s vision of modern Acid House; trippy, electronic, Acid without a 303. 'Severance' is the late night tip for us. What depth this track has. It demonstrates the contrast between darkness and light perfectly!

'Rain' has been tried and tested several times at Panorama Bar and the Block Tel Aviv - definitely a secret weapon for Ed and for us. 'Inner Senser' is the perfect sunset record, or also for the early morning. Beautiful, long and continuous… from heartache to euphoria!

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