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Luca Ballerini

Magnolia EP


A1. Preludio (Origine)

A2. Amore & Psiche (Parte II)

B1. Magnolia

B2. Continuo



After Ed Davenport’s 'Festnetz EP' we're happy to welcome the next electronic music virtuoso on the label: Luca Ballerini.

We're in contact with Luca since a while, even before we launched Siamese to discuss a possible record with him. Now almost two years later we're excited to finally reveal the full EP! As all of Luca’s Records there is a distinctive balance between dancefloor and a hypnotic almost dreamy approach to electronic music.

Opening up is 'Preludio (Origine)', leading into the record with lush electronica sounds. This one has been the last missing piece for us to finalize this record yet it comes first Next up is 'Amore & Psiche - Parte II'. As you can imagine we were big fans of the first part released on Innervisions back in 2015. We are playing this track for over a year now and we still don’t get bored of it. The energy its creates is mind blowing.

Luca’s quote for the title track of the EP ‚Magnolia' is: 'Riposa nel raggio lunare, la bellezza del fiore‘ - „The beauty of the flower rests in the moon light“, less poetic in English but you get the idea. Melancholic, hypnotic and trippy at the same time, just a beauty of a track.

‚Continuo' concludes the record in a powerful way yet leaves you guessing what might comes next as the title might say.

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