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Patterns Of Eternity EP


A1. Patterns Of Eternity

B1. Womb

B2. Quadrivia



Adriatique have revealed the very first release to come out on their brand new label, Siamese. The three-track EP from the duo, entitled ‘Patterns of Eternity’.


The title track, running at eleven minutes long, is a hypnotic journey driven by layers of synth lines, with a powerful low end. Meanwhile, ‘Womb’ on the B-side is a darker, more uncompromising affair. Built for the dancefloor, the track has already been a success on the club circuit.


Final track ‘Quadrivia’ channels the minimal influences that the duo cite as an inspiration, yet features the classic characteristics of Adriatique’s production style; a detail-orientated focus on the layering and dropping away of percussion and a bassline built for the best club sound systems. 


This debut EP on the new label is just the start of a new chapter for Adriatique; the Siamese project is a shared dream for them both. Although it is first and foremost a music label, the duo envision Siamese opening up to a broad variety of arts, providing a home for boundary-pushing creatives of various genres.

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