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Joseph Ashworth

Episode 8 EP



A1. Episode 8

A2. Sheen 

B1. Righteous

B2. Cobalt

Released: 21.05.2021



We’re very thankful that Joseph is keeping us in the loop with his productions since quite some time now. Many of his tracks fit in our sets perfectly and it has only been a matter of time to work on a release for Siamese. Eventually the 'Episode 8' EP was born and we’re happy to showcase his diversity in musical writing. 


'Episode 8' was the first song that caught our attention and set the foundation for this release. It felt like the perfect follow up to Joseph’s 'Eavesdrop', released on the 20 Years Cocoon compilation earlier this year. One of our very few shows in 2020 at Caprice has been the final testing ground for 'Episode 8' and the like-minded 'Cobalt'. Both tracks deliver plenty of energy for the dancefloors that we all miss so much and we can’t wait for you to hear these two on a big sound system. The eponymous track possesses a unique and trippy composition that builds and multiplies in intensity before the break circles back to a burst of synaesthesia-inducing array of colors. 'Cobalt' is slicing through its 7 minutes with a driving baseline and a very unique sounding synth stab, an idea perfectly executed and without any unnecessary features. 


On a slightly different note we got 'Sheen' and ‚Righteous' rounding off this EP. While 'Episode 8' and 'Cobalt' ask for being played on a festival or dark sweaty club, these two call attention with a softer sound design and smoother melodies. They will also work just great on the dancefloor but also have a certain listening feel we found very appealing when finalizing the release. All in all a fantastic package that we hope you will enjoy as much as we do!


Adrian & Adrian

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