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Sebastian Mulleart

Lightship 612 EP


A1. Lightship 612

A2. Is Waves



Sebastian Mullaert returns to Siamese!

After his two hypnotizing remixes for our own 'Patterns of Eternity' we are welcoming Mr. Trip for a full EP.

'Lightship 612‘ & 'Is Waves‘ are both forward thinking, spacy & melodic journeys through sound showcasing Sebastian’s full range of skills. The A-side quickly became a regular in our festival sets, especially when the sun has set already. It’s a mystic, dark and extremely powerful tune, if you know, you know!

The live aspect of this production is the key to the arrangement of his tracks. It makes them unpredictable and always evolving like the ‚Circle Of Live‘ jams Sebastian is known for. 'Lightship 612‘ features everything what we love about his moody and melodic techno. Groove!

​'Is Waves' could have been brought to us from outer space or from the future. It gets us straight into a Sci-fi mood which we love in terms of electronic music in general. The track starts a bit straighter than the A-Side, before it leaves the orbit of earth and to its own sphere. We could go on writing about this piece, but we just leave you here and advise you to take the trip yourself. Extraterrestrial techno!

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