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Where Did It All Go Wrong EP

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01. Where Did It All Go Wrong 

02. Tausend Momente

03. Zukunft und Vergangenheit

04. Exit The Complex

Released: 15.10.2021



Naeiiv has been sending us music to play and for Siamese since a while. When we liked one demo we wanted to sign, the track has already been promised to another label and we had to let it go unfortunately. We appreciated his honest and loyal stand towards this topic and agreed to work on a full EP for the label. Here it is, we couldn’t be more satisfied with the result; a sound-concept EP with high recognition value. 


The title track 'Where Did It All Go Wrong?' could easily become a future classic in the hypnotic-melodic realm of modern dance music. We had the chance to play and listen to this wonderful song 4000m above ground under the sun and among the beauty of the swiss alps. The score for this cinematic setting was absolutely perfect. 


While the eponymic title track comes in smoothly and builds up across the whole duration, 'Tausend Momente' gets there a bit faster if not rougher. The spoken words about losing yourself in almost too many moments to remember and the roaring synths created an addictive and irresistible vibe.


With 'Zukunft und Vergangenheit' and 'Exit the Complex' Naeiiv is showing us his calmer and more serene side. We recently recorded an 'art.set' for ARTE Concert where the latter fit perfectly for one of the many tempo changes we included in our set.


All in all a beautifully crafted release that works track by track but especially as a harmonious whole.



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