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Marino Canal X David O'Dowda

Half Life EP



01. Half Life 

02. Reach

03. Half Life (Spotify only)

Released: 17.09.2021



When Marino Canal came up with an unofficial remix of David O’Dowda's 'The World Retreats‘, David instantly loved it and agreed to an official release. The two of them got to know each other and started to work on music together resulting in this 2-track EP, a beautiful merger between different realms of music.


'Half Life' is the perfect display of how an almost acoustic song can be successfully combined with a 4x4 beat. The piano chord and David’s soft but significant voice steadily builds up tension which afterwards gets released through the driving synergy of kick and bass. The track never becomes too busy, what makes every carefully chosen sound even more prominent and important. A beautiful song to listen and to dance to. 


The second half of this release follows the more classical Marino Canal approach of a dance track. 'Reach' takes its time do develop while the interaction between David’s vocals, the arp and finally the celestial pad-chords soak you into this epic journey. 


All in all two carefully true-to-detail crafted pieces of music which gladly found their home on Siamese. 



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